Phoebe + Charlie

Cavapoo Puppies
born on November 5th

3 sweet girls, and 3 adorable boys!
Estimated full-grown weight:
15-24 lb
Ready to go home: Jan 4-7

Sneak Peek!
3.5 weeks old 

First half of video is the boys
Second half of the video is the girls!


Charlie Poodle.jpg



Phoebe is a beautiful and loving

19 lb AKC Blenheim Cavalier

King Charles Spaniel. She has a playful and sweet temperament and is a very nurturing mama to her pups!

Charlie is a handsome and sweetly affectionate apricot mini poodle. He's an amiable, gentle fella who always looks like he's smiling.  Charlie weighs 18.5 pounds.


Guide for Choosing Puppies:

1. Sneak peek website update on Nov. 29th.
2. Weekly update scheduled for Dec. 6th. (4.5 weeks old)
3. Detailed videos and individual photos will be published on Dec. 13th. 

4. Choosing Day is Dec. 16th. Details on choosing day will be emailed to those on our Wait List who are selecting from these litters.
5. Please plan to ask detailed questions and visit requests prior to your choosing time so that we can keep the choosing process going smoothly:)
6. As each puppy is chosen, we will update the website in Real-Time so everyone will know who is still available at your appointed choosing time-slot.