Retiring Parents

We like to retire our mama's around 6 years old to their own forever family.

If we have any dogs ready for retirement; we'll have a photo of them, along with their Bio on this page!


Responsible Breeding

Part of our breeding philosophy is to honor our parent dogs with the same integrity as our puppies!  We see our dogs thrive when they're caring for their pups... wag, smile and love our daily interactions, and always look forward to snuggle time with one another. However, retiring our mama's at a respectful age allows them continue the rest of their years in their own adoptive family as a special companion to a new person/family.  What a full life!💖  

Kissy - Tri Color Left

Found her Forever Home

Is a Retired Dog Right For You?

Retired dog - missed the puppy stage!  Perfect, right?  Well, yes and no.  It really depends on many things!  Our retired dogs will do wonderfully in a family with other housetrained, loving dogs.  They also fit well in homes where their person works from home and/or is retired.  Our dogs are all potty/trained - kennel/trained; but it's not the same as housebroken and will still need to be lovingly and patiently trained in their new home.  Good news; an older dog generally doesn't need to potty near as often as a puppy; neither do they have the same amount of energy! There is always pros/cons and we'll be happy to discuss with you when the time comes.  Each have their own personality!

Lillie - Blenheim on Right

Found her Forever Home

Lilly (2).JPG