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Pearl + Toby

Toy Cavapoo puppies born June 23rd

This adorable litter of four toy cavapoos are melting our hearts!  Our only girl, Lucy, has the merle coat with perfect tan markings. Charlie Brown showcases the merle gene with a blue-merle left eye! These pups are expected to be in the 8-14 lb range full grown. 

🤍"Peanuts'" Litter🤍 
~ Nine weeks old  ~


🤍"Peanuts'" Litter🤍 
~ Eight weeks old  ~


🤍"Peanuts'" Litter🤍 
~ Seven weeks old ~



Lucy Reserved for the Slobasky Family

🤍"Peanuts'" Litter🤍 
~ Six weeks old ~


IMG_0349 charlie brown.jpg

Charlie Brown Reserved for Isabelle


Linus "Tito" Reserved for the Borgers' Family


Snoopy "Roo" Reserved for the Hassall Family

lucy  - linus - snoopy - charlie brown 

Updated: August 4th
Selection Day : Aug 8th

🤍Sneak Peek of our "Peanuts'"🤍 
~ 5.5 weeks old ~
Linus, Lucy, Snoopy, Charlie Brown


🤍Sneak Peek of our "Peanuts'"🤍 
~ 3.5 weeks old ~
Linus, Lucy, Charlie Brown, Snoopy


Next 'Sneak Peek' Update: August 1st

🤍Sneak Peek!🤍 
Just 2 weeks old!

Toby Final.jpg

Meet Our



Pearl is our beautiful black/tan AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who weighs 14.5 lb.  She is confident, graceful and loves affection!

Our handsome red parti Toy Poodle is as sweet as can be!  He is playful, friendly and smart.  Toby weighs 8 lb.

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