Coco & Roscoe 
Cavapoo Puppies Born 6/3/21

6 beautiful red and apricot puppies!!  3 boys - 3 girls
Projected full grown weight:  16-21 pounds
Ready to go home:  early-mid August

Almost 9 weeks!  They're ready to break free
from the playpen any day now :)
The world around them is much more interesting - I can almost hear them ask, "Can we go explore...? through the fields?.. follow the tractors? pick raspberries? you hang clothes on the line? the big dogs?".. and more....All the fun things to watch and do!! 

Life of 7 Week Puppies

"Summer Afternoon, Summer Afternoon:
To me, those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language."

- Henry James
Red - Riley | Yellow - Rowen | Green - Finn | White - Penny | Purple - Jax | Pink - Sasha

6 weeks
Almost 6 weeks old - Happy Puppies!
What to play with first?  Toys? Wrestle? And.. Oh! What's that sound?
Soaking up all the playtime, snuggles and experiences they can each and every day.

Red - Riley | Yellow - Rowen | Green - Finn | White - Penny | Purple - Callie | Pink - Sasha


5 weeks
Almost 5 weeks old
Such cuddly, playful and fluffy lovebugs! At only a few pounds, the pictures make them look bigger than they are right now. You can see their coats are starting to develop and each passing week you will see more curl, more wave, more fluff and their coat grows out. 


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Boys + Girls
video order follows photo order
Riley - Rowen - Ridge   ||   Chloe - Callie - Carlee

Sneak Peek Photos
Almost 4 weeks old
These sweet puppies are starting to sniff toys, explore their surroundings and get more social:)  We love how roly-poly and snuggly they are.. not to mention their beautiful color!!



Dogs leave pawprints on your heart

Coco 1a.jpg


Cute as a button! Our AKC registered Ruby mama weighs 20 pounds. She is our social butterfly!


Our handsome AKC red Mini Poodle weighs 17 pounds.  He always loves a good chin rub!