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Poppy & Max
 Mini Cavapoos born 3/14/24

Five Beautiful puppies: 3 Girls + 2 Boys  
Projected full grown weight: 14-22 lb
Ready to go home: May 16-18

Puppy Playtime is the Best!
“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

Adorable Puppies at Eight Weeks

Seven Weeks Playtime

Poppy's Spring Bouquet Litter

At 6 weeks these sweet little 'buds' have really blossomed :)  They're loving g the nice spring days and starting to become braver with each week.  They've started eating kibble really well and mama will soon begin to start weaning!

Reserved for the Chartier Family

Reserved for Josie

Reserved for Cheryl

Reserved for Taryn

Reserved for Nancy

Poppy(Lilac) - RuE(Iris) - Cosmo
Buttercup - Tulip(oakley) 

Piglet asks,"How do you spell Love?""You don't spell it. You feel it"
Winnie the Pooh

Darlin' Babies

almost five Weeks

Some things just   fill your heartwithout trying

Sleepy Puppies

Three Weeks

20240321_092805 crop.jpg

Our Sweet


Poppy is a 16 pound tri color AKC Cavalier King Charles spaniel. She has a happy, friendly, and confident disposition!  She's a great mom and beautiful girl.

Our handsome Stud is a 

13.5 pound red Miniature Poodle.

Max is a mild and gentle boy who loves to go on walks!


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