Piper and Milo's Puppies
 Cavapoos born 7/1/21

8 Beautiful Red/apricot puppies: 4 boys and 4 girls! 
Projected full grown weight: 15-20 pounds
Ready to go home: Late Aug/early Sept.

Some things just   fill your heart without trying

Choosing Puppies:
1. Individual photos and videos will be posted on August 3rd.
2. In-person visits can be arranged for August 4th or 5th to meet the puppies... depending on your position on the Wait list, you may not be able to choose your puppy at the visit; but can meet the whole litter/parents.
3. We will begin choosing puppies on August 6th by phone or email at your appointed choosing time. 4. Please plan to ask detailed questions and visit requests prior to your choosing time so that we can keep the choosing process going smoothly:)
5. As each puppy is chosen, we will update the website in Real-Time so everyone will know who is still available.

Our Sweet


Piper is a happy-go-lucky red AKC mini poodle who weighs 16 pounds.  She is as sweet and pretty as she looks... and is a wonderful mama to her eight puppies!

Our good lookin' Stud is a 

18 pound blenheim AKC

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Milo is playful, outgoing, and affectionate. He still loves  toys almost as much as a puppy.