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"Happiness is a warm puppy."
                                                            - Lucy of Charles M Schultz' 'Peanuts'


Album Two
2021 - Present'




Riniker Family | Iowa

4 months update: "Our Gus. He's such a good puppy, he's sweet, hates to be alone and is so funny, loves walks and car rides, smart as a whip and is best friends with our first fur baby Oliver. He's put some spunk back into our 8 year old Cavachon... and he's an amazing addition for our daycare kids" 

1 Year update: "Gus turned 1 today! He's such a wonderful puppy, perfect in every way."  (Photo at 1 year)



Alise and Marc | Florida

Bentley is such a joy! From the moment we met him, he has been so loving, sweet, smart and fun (oh, and an expert lizard hunter!). 

Sara and her family do such a great job acclimating the puppies with people of all ages so they are very well adjusted. 

Bentley has been the BEST addition to our family.


Lolo Wendling IMG_9008.jpg


Wendling Family | South Dakota

LoLa is the most cuddly dog we have ever had.  We are lucky that we almost always have someone home to be with her.  She loves going for walks.  She loves meeting other humans or dogs on walks ~ super friendly to everyone.  LoLa loves the snow, she loves eating it and jumping around in it.  She doesn't love the pool but loves to be outside.  She loves chasing birds ~ this scared us a few times and learned that she must always be on some type of leash!  She knows the commands sit and shake extremely well.  We trained her to ring the bell when she needs to go outside so she does wonderful at this.  


She was the perfect fit for our family!  Briel and her have bonded and Briel treats her like a baby and LoLa is a great sport being lugged around :)  She loves going with me in the car when we drop off or pick up Briel from dance.  


Thank you!  We constantly follow your site and the new pups.  Briel is always asking for another puppy but we just plan to spoil LoLa and give her all the attention and love!!!



Josh, Tiffany, Briel and LoLa



Ozer Family | Illinois

Lenny is our fifth dog. Before him, we had Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. We met our first cavalier/poodle mix about two years ago when one of our neighbors was walking an adorable, petite and very friendly puppy. We learned his name was Wrigley and he was a Cavapoo. We had never seen nor heard of the breed.  


When we were ready for another puppy, we contacted Wrigley’s owners and they introduced us to Willow Ridge Farm. We met Sara Gerber and began our cavapoo adoption process.  After choosing a tri-color puppy, Sara kept us well informed with emails and videos of Lenny’s progress. We picked him up when he was 13- weeks old and immediately, he began bonding with me, my husband and our 2-year-old cavalier, Nigel.


Today Lenny is nearing his first birthday, and we couldn’t imagine life without him. He and Nigel are best, best buds. Cavaliers, by nature, are more conservative, yet Lenny, with his fun- loving personality has brought out Nigel’s inner party animal.  Around here Nigel is the George Clooney of cavaliers and Lenny is the Harpo Marx of cavapoos.


Sara and her family are amazing breeders. Lenny came to us well adjusted and fearless (thanks to their family socializing the puppies with adults, children, and other dogs).   He is very smart and eager to learn and will do just about anything for you if you are willing to throw a ball for him.


To say we are thrilled and head over paws in love with Lenny is an understatement. No words can describe the joy, laughter and love Lenny gives us moment by precious moment.


Thank you Sara!



Yuhanna Family |  Florida

"Hard to put into words what Willow Ridge Puppies gave us when we picked up our sweet boy Cash. He is the sunshine of our days! Everyone who meets Cash adores him. He's the perfect mix of snuggle bug and social butterfly.  We are so lucky that he is ours.  Oh! And Cash came home with a blanket that smelled like his Mama and siblings, which he still sleeps with every single night! We recommend Willow Ridge to everyone!"

Album Two Continued
2021 - Present'


Parker Family 2024



I just want to thank you and your family for raising Lucy! She is the absolute perfect addition to our family and we are so completely in love with her. She is adorable, fun, sweet, playful, confident, and loves every person she meets. It also doesn't hurt that she's been sleeping through the night in her crate since day one and has taken to potty training extremely well! Our vet also complemented her records and vax schedule and said she wished every breeder did things like you. We honestly couldn't have dreamed up a better puppy. Thank you again for this amazing girl and we will send you updates as she grows!


All the best,


Album One

We're so often asked, "Isnt' it hard to part with your puppies?"
The answer is, of course, "Yes... If we don't get any updates!"
The love-filled + happy updates of our puppies with their
Forever Family fills our hearts with Joy!

In their Own Words



Jenna + Alex | Iowa

"We are grateful for you, your family and of course our little Theo!❣ He has been an absolute blessing to us and we love him more each day.  He is loved by everyone he meets."



Weinburg Family | California

"She has been amazing. Very smart. Pretty active, but also loves very cuddly and great with my girls. Lots of people in SF want her siblings! Couldn't have imagined a better dog for this family.  Thank you."



Kriesch Family | Illinois

"Our vet raved about Mango! High compliments for your quality care for him.  He is a sweet, sweet pup! We couldn't be more pleased with our experience! Your commitment to the health, happiness and socialization of your puppies is obvious, and the personal attention we received impressed us so much. Thank you, thank you!"

Willow Pillow.jpg


Jessica Bolar | Iowa 

"My experience with Willow Ridge has been remarkable. Sara + her family care about you and all their dogs. After picking out my puppy Willow, I looked forward to the video and picture updates. Even after getting my little Willow, Sara is always helpful with any questions. I highly recommend finding your puppy from Willow Ridge Farm."



Kelsey + Adam |  Missouri

"Teddy is such a dream and has made our lives even more amazing❤...the sweetest boy and best listener!  We truly feel spoiled and again we are so grateful to have found you and for the work you do to raise such good puppies:)"

Cavapoo and Lab


Greg + Karen |  Nebraska

"Want you to know how much we're enjoying Emma. She's been so fun to have around. She and Pippa play well together and love each other.  Did I mention how smart Emma is?? Thanks again for helping us through this process!"



Bobby + Julie | Illinois

"He is honestly just the best.  So thankful for the little guy... You would not believe how many people reach out to me about where he is from.  Toasty has made our year!"



Laura + Joel | Illinois

"Moose is the smartest, most adorable little guy! He was potty trained in a week and is a super snuggler! He really is the best dog. He will not be our last pup from Willowridge for sure!"

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