Tella + Tucker's Puppies

 Cavapoos born 1/20/21

- all reserved - 

5 gorgeous apricot puppies: 2 boys and 3 girls! 

Projected full grown weight: 13-19 pounds

(these projections are based on parent's weights)

Ready to go home: March 19-20 or March 26-27

Tess Reserved for the Remley Family

Theo Reserved for the Saguilla Family


Bentley Reserved for the Keetle Family

Tillie Reserved for Gabi

Video - 6 weeks old

*playful, happy 'lil fluffballs of love*

Tayla-lavender Tillie-yellow Theo-none Tess-pink Bentley-blue

Video - (almost)4 weeks old

order: Tillie, Tayla, Tess, Theo, Thad

Just getting to the age where they are getting more curious with their surroundings.. sniffing toys and doing the "puppy crawl"!

Video - 3 weeks old

order: Theo, Thad, Tillie, Tayla, Tess

Thad & Theo

Tess, Tillie & Tayla

Sweet Babies


photos taken at 2 weeks old

Dogs leave pawprints on your heart


Our Cute 'Lil Stud is a 

13 pound Cream Colored

Miniature Poodle

He always smiling and willing to play!


Tella is a pretty, energetic and affectionate 19 lb AKC Blenheim Cavalier

King Charles Spaniel. She is always up for a good snuggle session and has never met a stranger.

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