Hazel + Copper
 Mini Cavapoo puppies born 12/20/21

4 gorgeous puppies: 2 boys and 2 girls! 
Projected full grown weight: 10-15 pounds
Ready to go home: Late February

9 Weeks

They've grown too fast and will start going to their forever homes soon.  

We know they'll be giving so much joy and puppy kisses to their new families!

8 Weeks

All the New Experiences are starting to begin!  They're now weaned and sleeping in a crate for naps/nighttime.  This week they visited our local care center and met so many people who absolutely adored them.

7 Weeks

These sweeties are always up for playtime, snuggles + Fun...  Just so CUTE!!


6 Weeks

6 weeks is always a milestone for our puppies.  This is when Puppy Food becomes a bigger part of their diet, they've moved past the Newborn stage and are just sweet little "Toddlers" who are ready to explore and expand their world.  But, as you expect with Toddlers... they don't want mama too far away :)

5 Weeks

The pups have started eating a little Puppy Gruel this past week - and are really finding it all quite tasty!  They also have been introduced to their crate - which they love.  Toys and playtime are becoming a much more important part of their life at this stage as well.

Quincy 11.jpg

Quincy Reserved for the Loterbour Family


Reserved for the

Sucher Family


Reserved for

AJ & Stephanie  


Reserved for the

Berkman Family  


A close up view of markings and coats

Adorable Puppies
4 week sneak peek!

Our Sweet



    Some things just   
fill your heart 
without trying



Hazel is a gorgeous, easy-going

14 lb AKC Tri-Color Cavalier

King Charles Spaniel. She has a quiet sweet temperament and is a very nurturing mama to her pups!

Copper is an adorable 10 pound mini red AKC poodle owned by the Schmidt's of Acorn Acres in Winthrop, MN.  He's a social, friendly fella who is always up for a walk or playtime. 



L to R:  Quincy, Stella, Rhett, Pearl

L to R:  Quincy, Stella, Rhett, Pearl

Guide for Choosing Puppies:
1. Individual photos and videos will be posted on January 24th.
2. In-person visits, a Zoom or Skype video chat can be arranged PRIOR to choosing day.  This is opportunity to meet the litter; but will not be Choosing Day.  Best days for these visits are 1/25 thru 1/27.  
3. We will begin choosing puppies on January 28th by phone or email at your appointed choosing time-slot according to your Wait List position.  This will not be a video call... as it would exhaust the puppies to be stimulated all day with multiple visits and calls.  
4. Be prepared to ask questions about specific puppies prior to Choosing Day so each person has opportunity to choose their puppy in time.
5. As each puppy is chosen, we will update the website in Real-Time so everyone will know who is still available at your appointed choosing time-slot.