Bailey's Cavapoo Puppies

born 9/20/20

The countdown to "Gotcha Day" has begun!  We are enjoying their funny anctics, sunggles, puppy kisses and playtime until the last moment:) There are two black/tan puppies with white markings.  The other three are Sable color.  They have a beautiful copper color with black tipped hair.  Although all red/apricot poodle mix puppies can fade as they grow, sable color will grow up to a variation of tan, apricot or red coat with little black tips on their tail and ears remaining.  






reserved for                                                                                            Shawn + Amy 

reserved for Lexi + Maddie

reserved for the Mosley-Waltz Family

reserved for Kelly

reserved for the Klein Family

Lovely Fall Day!

Video taken at 7 weeks old:

Zoey is wearing pink | Pepper is in orange

Playful Pups!

Video taken at almost 6 weeks old:

Zoey is wearing pink | Pepper is in orange

5 weeks: Video 1: Knox, (teal collar) Pepper ( blue), Oliver 

                   Video 2: Zoey + Maverick

Dogs leave pawprints on your heart


Our Handsome stud is

a 17 lb AKC Red 

Miniature Poodle


our gorgeous 20 lb 

AKC Tri Color Cavalier

King Charles Spaniel 

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