Willow's Cavapoo Puppies

born 7/11/20

  Our darling, apricot color boys are already showing their friendly, playful side:) 

At 7 weeks they are still full of curiosity and cute little antics with every new discovery. They play, cuddle, wrestle and steal our hearts! 





Sweet little boys!!

Reserved forNeil and Lauren

Reserved for Pick Family

Reserved for the Chickman Family

Reserved for the Schwind Family

  Eddie - Yellow  |  Diego - Gray 

video taken at 7 weeks

video taken at 5.5 weeks

Augie - Red  |  Eddie - Yellow  |  Diego - Gray  |  Charlie - Blue

video taken at 4.5 weeks

Dogs leave pawprints on your heart


Our Handsome stud is

a 15 lb AKC Apricot 

Miniature Poodle


Willow is our gorgeous 14 lb 

AKC Blenheim Cavalier

King Charles Spaniel 

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