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Sadie + Charlie

Cavapoo Puppies
born August 28th

Five darling puppies! Four boys and one girl.
Projected full grown weight 14-22 lb
They're ready for their new homes in Early November

Sneak Peek!

five weeks

Sneak Peek!

three and one half weeks

Sneak Peek!

two weeks

Charlie Poodle.jpg

Our Parents




Sadie is our playful and affectionate AKC Blenheim Color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is always friendly and sweet! Sadie weighs 14-15 lb


Our charming boy is as sweet and gentle as he looks! Treat time is favorite time for our easy-going Mr. Charlie. He is an apricot colored Miniature Poodle who weighs 18 lb.

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