Piper + Milo

 Cavapoo Puppies born 1/15/21

-all reserved-

8 adorable puppies: 5 boys and 3 girls! 

Projected full grown weight: 15-20 pounds

(these projections are based on parent's weights and not their current or birth sizes)

Ready to go home: March 12-13 or March 19-20

Finnegan - Reserved for Stephanie

Mason - Reserved for the Carlisle Family

Louie - Reserved for the Schmoll Family

Rusty - Reserved for the Cohen Family

Murphy - Reserved for the Tucker Family

Penny - Reserved for the Overby Family

Pearl - Reserved for Harriet

Pippa - Reserved for the Farris Family

Video - 4.5 weeks

1st video: Miles, Major, Max, Mason, Murphy 

 2nd video: Pearl, Penny, Pippa

Video - 3.5 weeks

order: Miles, Major, Max, Mason, Murphy, Pearl, Penny, Pippa

Pippa, Pearl, Penny

Miles, Max, Mason, Major, Murphy

 newborn stage 

Some things just fill your heart without trying.

Our parents


Milo is an affectionate and friendly boy who loves go on walks! His favorite toy is a squeaky pig:)  Milo is a handsome, 18 pound, AKC registered Blenheim Cavalier.


Our beautiful mama is a 16 pound Red AKC Miniature Poodle. She loves to play or get a good rub behind the ears and neck:)

Video - 6.5 weeks

1st video: Louie-green Pippa-pink Penny-lavender Pearl-none

 2nd video: Finn-yellow Mason-green Murphy-white Rusty-orange

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