Hazel & Roscoe 

Cavapoo Puppies Born 1/17/21

- all reserved for those on our puppy wait list -

 Red/apricot and 1 phantom puppy: 3 boys and 2 girls! 

Projected full grown weight: 14-20 pounds

(these projections are based on parent's weights and cannot be determined by current weight)

Ready to go home: March 19-20 or March 26-27

Honey Reserved for the Powers Family

Daisy Reserved for Susan

Fletcher Reserved for the Frank Family

Henry Reserved for the Kirchner Family

Hunter Reserved for the Carzo Family

Video - 6 weeks old

Such a sweet, playful, cuddly bunch!

Blue-Fletcher Henry-Green Hunter-Orange

Honey and Daisy - none  

Video - 4 weeks old

order: Hunter, Hudson, Henry, Harper, Hattie

This stage is when they're just finding their legs and becoming curious of what might be around them but aren't quite interested in real play quite yet.  

Video - 3.5 weeks old

order: Hunter, Hudson, Henry, Harper, Hattie

Henry, Hudson, Hunter

Harper & Hattie

Sweet Babies


photos taken at 2 weeks old

Dogs leave pawprints on your heart




Our pretty, AKC registered Tri Color mama weighs 14 pounds. She has a quietly sweet, yet playful, personality. 


Our handsome AKC red Mini Poodle weighs 17 pounds.  He always loves a good chin rub!

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