Miss Chloe & Roscoe 

Cavapoo Puppies Born 8/5/20

We are in love with this adorable litter of puppies. Two boys, two girls who are just finding their legs - starting to wander away from mama to check things out!  But such adventures wear them out and will curl up for lots of great naps:)

photos taken at 4 weeks

Winston - reserved for Yvonne

Nash - reserved for Liz

Sawyer - reserved for Hannah + Todd

Freya- reserved for the Hamlin Family

Nash- green | Freya - yellow | Sawyer - purple | Winston - blue

photos taken at 6 weeks

at 5 weeks

at 4 weeks

be still my heart



Our sweet mama weighs 15 pounds.  Isn't she so pretty!?  She is a loving, gentle AKC Cavalier with a beautiful blenheim coat. She takes perfect care of us!!


Our dad is a handsome AKC red Mini Poodle who weighs 17 pounds.  He is is a friendly guy who loves a good chin rub!

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