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Puppy Shopping List


    1.  Puppy food - high quality (preferably AAFCO approved) food such as NutriSource for small breed puppies

    2.  Bowls - stainless steel & shallow for food/water

    3.  Healthy Treats - cavapoos are generally light eaters. Treats need to be small and healthy as they contribute to their every day nutrition. For healthy treat ideas, click here

    4.  Bristle brush, wide tooth comb, and grooming scissors

    5.  Gentle puppy-specific shampoo for occasional baths - too much bathing and/or with harsh shampoos can cause puppy's sensitive skin to flake

    6.  Soft, washable bed

    7.  I.D. tag - with puppy's name, your name, microchip and contact information

    8.  Leash and collar to start out. Adjustable neck collars of 7-11" will fit our puppies the first weeks home

    9.  Wet wipes, paper towels, deodorizing spray for accidents 

    10. Puppy pads

    11. Crate - for potty training and safe-space - with just enough space to lie down, stand up and turn around.  You do not want this to be too big or they will choose one side as their "den" and the other side as the "soil" area.   (which defeats the whole purpose of 'crate training') I suggest a 24" crate with a divider so when they reach adulthood the divider can be removed and still give them ample den space after they've grown out of one side.  

    12.  Play-pen/Exercise pen - This is a great place to put your puppy for a "safe-for-play space" when you aren't able to watch him closely (i.e cooking dinner) & you're sure he has already pottied.

    13.  Toys - variety of Hollow balls and toys (such as Kong) to stuff with puppy's food and healthy treats to encourage chewing on toys - and not on your couch pillow! Try varieties of textures and sizes to satisfy those teething days.  Only offer a few at a time, though.

    14.  HAVE FUN shopping for your new puppy!!

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