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Lucy + Max

Mini Cavapoo Puppies born April 14th

Four beautiful puppies! One boy, three girls
Projected full-grown weight: 14-23 pounds
Ready to go home:  Mid June


Week 8

These sweet puppies are simply AdOrAbLe!!  All weaned, eating well, and doing fantastic sleeping in their crate together. We're enjoying our last week of play, social and cuddle time with them!  Seeing their confidence and maturity growth is amazing -- they will soon be ready for the Big Gotcha Day!!🤍 

Week 7

Another big week in these sweet puppies lives - but they're ready for it! By the end of week 7, they'll be totally weaned!  Lucy has already started this transition by allowing less nursing and encouraging independence.  After they're totally weaned, they'll start sleeping in a crate together!  The door will be off so they can go out for potty breaks, but they will love their cozy new space. 

Six Weeks!

They've become braver, stronger and more curious + playful at this age... but still liking to keep mama close. We're soaking up their affection while encouraging their social growth each day! Becoming very good kibble eaters + still loving their many naps:)

Reserved for the Svachula Family

Reserved for the Kuzinski Family

Reserved for the Moes Family

Reserved for the Bangert Family

  Lola(Piper) Luna -
LIlY(Rosie) MURPHY(Brodhi)

 ~Hello, Big World! ~


 ~Precious New Babies ~



Our handsome Mini Poodle is as sweet as can be!  His favorite time is walk-time.  Max weighs 15 pounds.

Our Sweet


Lucy is a gentle, loving and patient mama to her beautiful pups.  AKC Tri Color Cavalier King Charles who weighs 17 pounds.

    Some things just   
fill your heart 
without trying

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