Bella & Roscoe

Cavapoo Puppies

born 7/7/20

Four beautiful puppies... two boys and two girls.  three are sable color - which is a beautiful black-tipped red coat color.  As they grow, the black will fade and they become an apricot, golden, or tan coat color with ears and tails tipped in black.  

THese little sweethearts are so playful,

yet always up for cuddles with the kids:)  





Reserved for Kim +Travis

Reserved for the Stephens Family

Reserved for Kennedy

Reserved for the Vance Family

7 week video  

such sweet & playful puppies

Leo - Green

5 week video  

adorable first stages of play and curiosity!

Annie - Yellow  |  Mollie - Purple 

 newborn stage 

Some things just fill your heart without trying.

Our parents


our Handsome stud 

is a 17 lb AKC Red 

Mini Poodle


A beautiful Tri AKC

Cavalier King Charles

Spaniel who weighs 15 lbs

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