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Emmie + Max

One darling boy and Four beautiful girls
Projected full-grown weight: 14-24 pounds
Ready to go home: Early-Mid July

Mini Cavapoo Puppies
Born May 2nd

Six Weeks!

The age we watch them grow braver and more curious!  They enjoy their time away from mama to soak up human affection (which we love!) Our daily goal for their social growth is help them grow more independent and confident with each new (and old) experience. They still love snuggling up to mama, nursing, napping. and snacking on kibble!


Reserved for the

Klein Family




Reserved for the Hoffman Family


Reserved for Megan and Thissa

ginger - daisy - cooper
winnie - bella

Miss Emmie.jpg
Max 1.jpg

Meet Our

Max is our handsome Miniature Red Poodle who weighs 15 pounds.  He loves to go on walks around the farm. His mild, submissive nature makes him as sweet as he looks!



Emmie is a gorgeous, easy-going

18 lb AKC Blenheim Cavalier

King Charles Spaniel. Her affectionate nature makes her a perfect mama. 

Sneak Peek!
Precious Four Week Puppies

Sneak Peek!
Precious Three Week Puppies

Choosing Info:
Six Week photos, Individual and Litter Videos will be published around June 13th.

Puppy Selection Day is scheduled for June 14/15th.


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