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Payments and Homecoming

    1.  What to Expect:  After you have chosen your puppy, check the "PUPPIES" page to follow photo and video updates of your puppy's litter. Photo updates will occur every 2 weeks.  

    2.  Preparing at Home: Check out my pages: Shopping List, First Weeks Home, Hazardous material lists.  Puppy-proof your home.  Check into local puppy classes.  Choose your Veterinarian and make your puppy's first appointment within the first 72 hours of coming home.

     2.  Payments: We accept personal or Cashier's check. There is 3% fee for payments made through PayPal and 2% for Venmo.  Remaining balances are due when puppies are 8 weeks old.

    3.  Pick Up Day:  We love our families to come pick up puppies at our farm. Iowa sales tax is required for puppies picked up in the state of Iowa.  We suggest bringing a travel crate, leash, collar (XS), water dish, extra toy and blanket for holding on your lap.   We will have a small handmade blanket with scent of siblings and mom and puppy food for you. If you plan to fly home with puppy, we'll provide an airline-approved crate.

    4.  Homecoming by Airline: We also are willing to hand deliver your puppy to your nearest airport. Puppy will be delivered by ourselves or a trusted employee. Cost for our nanny service varies.

    5.  Meeting at the Airport:  You can choose to meet us at DSM (Des Moines) or MSP (Minneapolis) for $350. Included in the fee will be puppy's airline-approved carrier + all essentials for day of travel. It will be up to you to make your own flight reservation for yourself and puppy.  Check each airline's policies as they constantly change.


Our puppies are not shipped in a cargo hold.  Meet up or delivery are our two options if you cannot come to us in person.

We don't schedule appointments on Sundays.


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