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Payments and Homecoming

    1.  What to Expect:  After you have chosen your puppy, check the "PUPPIES" page to follow photo and video updates of your puppy's litter. Photo updates will occur every 2 weeks.  We usually post 3-5 videos after 4 weeks of age.

    2.  Preparing at Home: Check out my pages: Shopping List, First Weeks Home, Hazardous material lists.  Puppy-proof your home.  Check into local puppy classes.  Choose your Veterinarian and make your puppy's first appointment within the first 72 hours of coming home.

     2.  Payments: We accept personal or Cashier's check. There is 3% fee for payments made through PayPal.  Remaining balances are due one week before going home. 

    3.  Pick Up Day:  We love our families to come pick up puppies at our farm. Iowa sales tax is required for puppies picked up in the state of Iowa.  We suggest bringing a travel crate, leash, collar (XS), water dish, extra toy and blanket for holding on your lap.   We will have a small handmade blanket with scent of siblings and mom and puppy food for you. If you plan to fly home with puppy, we'll provide an airline-approved crate.

    4.  Homecoming by Airline: Your puppy can fly to most major airports for $350. We also offer the services of a flight nanny who can escort your puppy home to you! Price for this service varies on air-fare. We provide the crates and set up the flights for either of these options.

    5.  Meeting at the Airport:  You can choose to meet us at DSM (Des Moines) or MSP (Minneapolis) and take your puppy home with you for $150. Airline-approved crate included. It will be up to you to make your own flight reservation for yourself and puppy.  Delta will not allow in-cabin puppies until 10 weeks old and United until 16 weeks.  Check each airline's policies as they constantly change. We don't make Sunday appointments. 


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