Bailey & Roscoe 
Cavapoo Puppies Born 9/8/21

5 precious bundles! Beautiful apricot, red, sable and phantom coats with darling faces.
Projected full-grown weight range:  16-28 lb
Ready to go home: Nov. 5th - 13th 

8 weeks: 
Such sweethearts... so hard to believe they're already 8 weeks!!  
We're enjoying their cute antics and puppy kisses :)

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This is 7weeks: 
So amazing to see the progress and maturity each week brings!  Growing so confident and playful... so special for us to walk along the journey of a baby puppy to their "toddler-hood".. until the day they go to their forever family!

Approaching 6 weeks! 
Don't let the pictures fool ya... they're still tiny little tykes... the smallest right around 2 pounds and the bigger ones closer to 2-3/4 lb. Sweet personalities are starting to shine! Playful, curious, hungry, cuddly and then back to sleep for some more zzzz so they can start again!











Reserved for Casi + Brad

Reserved for the Jones' Family

Reserved for Debbi

Reserved for the Johnson Family

Reserved for the Martinez Family 

Crunchy leaves, crisp fall air, sounds of farm machinery going by... and toys! How does a puppy choose?

Sneak Peek 
Phantom (Black/Tan) Female and Sable Female
Apricot + Red Males
Almost 5 weeks old



Sneak Peek Video
Girls on Left - boys on Right 
Almost 5 weeks

Dogs leave pawprints on your heart





Our beautiful AKC registered Tri Color mama weighs 26 pounds. She is affectionate, playful and thinks she is a tiny lap dog!! 


Our handsome AKC red Mini Poodle weighs 17 pounds.  He always loves a good chin rub!

Guide for Choosing Puppies:

1. Individual photos and videos will be posted on Oct. 19th. 
2. In-person visits can be arranged for Oct 15th, 18th, or 20th.   A Zoom or Skype video chat can also be arranged prior to choosing day.
3. We will begin choosing puppies on Oct. 21st by phone or email at your appointed choosing time-slot according to your Wait List position.  This will not be a video call... as it would exhaust the puppies to be stimulated all day with multiple visits and calls.
4. Please plan to ask detailed questions and visit requests prior to your choosing time so that we can keep the choosing process going smoothly:)
5. As each puppy is chosen, we will update the website in Real-Time so everyone will know who is still available at your appointed choosing time-slot.