Coco & Ollie 
Cavapoo Puppies Born 11/25/21

We are so in love with these 5 babies!
2 girls and 3 boys
Projected full-grown weight range:  15-20 lb
Ready to go home: January 27-29th

9 Weeks
Such a playful group of puppies!  Never a dull moment with these sweeties:)  


8 Week Slideshow
All weaned, happy and playful!  Sleeping in our crate and growing like we should.  These last couple weeks at home are very important for us to stay together in our litter and learn puppy manners and social skills:)  


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7 weeks 
We've grown more confidant and playful this past week!  We have a little more stamina, curiosity and bravery.  We can't wait to see which toys we get each day.  Mama has almost completely weaned us too!  Shhhh don't tell our mama - but we lick our kibble bowl clean... it's actually very good! But she doesn't need to know that.. :)  


6 weeks 
Pictures make us look a little bigger than we really are!  We are only a few pounds. We grow and change so much each week.  This is the week we've really taken off on eating puppy kibble - YUM! We like our mama, the different toys we get every day, playing with each other + our human kids, and to hit the snooze button often!  


Archie 2.JPG

   Reserved for
the Ruan



Bella Luna
Reserved for


Charlie 1.JPG

Reserved for the Schrock Family


Dottie 2.JPG

Reserved for the Larson Family 



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Elie + Elise


The Boys
Coco  |  Charlie  |  Chef

The Girls


Sneak Peek 
4 weeks old


Sleeping in
Heavenly Peace


Dogs leave pawprints on your heart



Coco 1a.jpg


Our beautiful AKC registered Ruby Color mama weighs 20 pounds. She is our outgoing, affectionate, and playful Miss Social Butterfly:)

Our handsome AKC apricot parti poodle is 13 pounds.  This is his first litter and we couldn't be more excited on how cute his puppos are.  He is very sweet, gentle and submissive in nature.

Guide for Choosing Puppies:

1. Individual photos and videos will be posted on January 4th. 
2. In-person visits can be arranged for the first week of January. A Zoom or Skype video chat can also be arranged prior to choosing day.
3. We will begin choosing puppies on January 7th by phone or email at your appointed choosing time-slot according to your Wait List position.  This will not be a video call... as it would exhaust the puppies to be stimulated all day with multiple visits and calls.
4. Please plan to ask detailed questions and visit requests prior to your choosing time so that we can keep the choosing process going smoothly:)
5. As each puppy is chosen, we will update the website in Real-Time so everyone will know who is still available at your appointed choosing time-slot.