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Lillie + Toby
Toy Cavapoo Puppies Born January 7th

Three Darling Boys and One Pretty Blenheim Girl

Expected Full grown WEight 8-15 lb  |  Ready to Go Home Mid March.

Playful Puppies

Nine Weeks Old

Darling Slideshow

Eight Weeks Old

Seven Weeks Old

Playful Puppies

Six Weeks Old

Adorable Toy Puppies

Reserved for the Jacobsmeyer Family

Reserved for the Mansour Family

Reserved for the Melanitis Family

Reserved for the Runnels Family

 Baxter(Monchhichi)  |  Felix

Maddox  |  Vixie  

Precious Sneak Preview
 Four Weeks!

Lillie - best one.jpg


Our Beautiful Ruby AKC Cavalier King Charles SPaniel weighs 13.5 lb.  Lillie's beauty, affection and quiet Confidence are some of her best traits.  She's an excellent mama!

Our Sweet

Toby Final.jpg

Toby is our friendly, playful and happy-go-lucky toy poodle!  His stunning tuxedo markings stand out perfectly with his apricot-tan coat.  He weighs 8 lb.


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