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Penny + Milo
 Cavapoo Puppies Born 8/19/22

6 beautiful sisters!
Projected full grown weight range: 15-20 pounds
Ready to go home: Oct 20-22

8.5 Weeks

These adorable girls are as playful and cuddly as they come:) 
Ari  |  Maple  |  Tillie  |  Bella  |  Birdie  |  Hattie


6.5 Weeks

Just a perfect autumn afternoon makes the puppies Oh-So-Happy!  So much to hear, see, and discover:)


Precious Update

Now becoming more playful, curious and cuddly!  We adore playing with them... and then just watch them shut their eyes and snooze in the middle of it all! Growing is hard work!!


Video 1:      Ari  |  Maple  |  Tillie
Video 2:    Bella  |  Birdie  |  Hattie

5 weeks

Sneak Peeks 3.5 weeks

These sweet babies are adorable on their little wobbly legs!They are starting to notice when we introduce toys and becoming just a little more aware of sounds and sights.

3 Week Old Babies


Guide for Choosing Puppies:

1. Individual photos and videos will be posted on September 26th. 
2. Video calls or visits can be arranged for the week of September 27-29th.
3. Choosing is scheduled for September 29/30.



Our Sweet


Penny is an AKC registered purebred mini red poodle who weighs around 15 pounds.  She has a gentle, curious and playful nature and is a super mom to her pups! 

Milo is our handsome AKC registered, blenheim colored Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who weighs 18 pounds.  He is friendly, affectionate and very playful.  He has a special spot in his heart for squeaky toys  :-)  


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