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Willow Ridge Farm


Introducing our Newest Litters!
Mini Cavapoo Puppies

Puppies going home this Summer



hazel + parker
 cavapoo puppies born may 15th

When our puppies go home, they are microchipped, dew claws removed, up to date on vaccinations including a nose-to-tail vet exam, a handmade receiving blanket -made by our family- with the scent of mom and siblings, a two year health guarantee, a bag of their puppy food, are very well socialized, and will have our family's on-going support!

cavapoo puppy
cavapoo puppies

How To Adopt



Submit a Contact Form to join our Email List or to Inquire about December Availability. Being on the Email List is how to be notified when we open our general

Puppy Wait List. 


Those on our Puppy Wait List have first opportunity to adopt a puppy.


Typical wait time is usually between 2 - 6 months depending on your preferences.

cavapoo puppy
cavapoo puppy
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cavapoo puppy
home of the adorable cavapoo puppy!
Our work

puppy love

 happiness is a warm puppy 

Charles M. Schulz

 "Poo, how do you spell love? 

You don't spell it... you feel it."

                                                    ~ Piglet & Winnie the Pooh

Affectionate, gentle, graceful.  It's no wonder the Cavalier was King Charles of England's favorite dog!  A Cavalier's #1 goal in life is to love you unconditionally and please you!  He will happily go on a run with you, or snuggle on the couch all evening.  He is happiest at your side!  She is a perfect indoor companion.  Your Cavalier King Charles puppy is very friendly, calm-natured, and an average shedder. Frequent brushing is recommended.  Cavaliers are often cited as being rated near the top for best companion and therapy dogs because of their intelligence, low exercise requirement, and high love-o-meter!  They will likely weigh between 12 to 22 pounds.

Our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are registered purebreds with the AKC and have impressive Champion Bloodlines!

Why a Cavapoo?! Cavapoo puppies are a cross of one of the sweetest natured dogs alive & one of the most intelligent - the Poodle!  A Cavapoo (or Cavoodle puppy) is also considered 'hypoallergenic' ...perfect for families with allergies, or those who wish to have a low/no shedding pup. (Officially, there's no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog - but there is no dispute that poodle mix puppies have given allergy-laden families symptom-free companions!) He is known for a "forever puppy" look he'll carry into adulthood. Cavapoos can be great candidates for therapy dogs with the combo of poodle intelligence + Cavalier loyalty. Our first-generation (F1) Cavapoos have registered purebred parents. Your Cavapoo puppy will take on the traits of his parents - just like people! It's important to remember that you are getting a puppy from two different breeds and your puppy may favor one way over the other.  Either way, the intelligence and friendliness of both breeds are the perfect match!


our story

  We live on a small farm with our family and dogs in the wide open spaces of Northern Iowa!  As 3rd generation family farmers, we love and live what we do - every day. We have a small purebred Angus cow herd, pigs and a few chickens, as well as row crop farming. There is never a dull moment with our 5 children ... ranging from elementary to college! 


   Each and every one of our puppies and their parents are played with and socialized on a daily basis. Every person in our family is involved with caring (and loving!) our dogs. It is our goal to only raise dogs that will improve the overall health and temperament of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breed.  We became passionate about Cavapoo puppies because our oldest child has many allergies and it was our hope to help bring the love of a Cavalier puppy to others with this same story!  Combining the intelligence of a Poodle and the affectionate loyalty of a Cavalier King Charles makes the perfect companion for those with allergies or who wish for a low or nonshedding puppy!

    We have met so many special people adopting our Cavapoos and often reflect how richly God has blessed us in our journey of raising little furballs of happiness!  


Our Philosophy

It's our family's prayer that each of our puppies is a special part of their forever family.  We believe that everything we do is a reflection of who we are as people.  In our rural, small farm setting there is no better place to raise a family, or a pup!  We strive for only strictly healthy, well socialized, and beautiful pups to bless others.

 "We know dogs aren't our whole life, but they can make a life feel whole!"

Our Breeding

We are privileged to have a group of beautiful  Cavaliers, gorgeous mini Poodles + and 1 toy poodle!  Our parent dogs are thoroughly examined, genetic (DNA) tested, and health-checked by our Veterinarian. Our Cavalier mamas are OFA certified for heart health. It's our goal to improve the health of our pets for ourselves and for you!

Beyond parent health... each of our puppies will go through the "Super Dog" program in addition to our regular Puppy Curriculum of socialization to ensure they have the best beginning possible!

Find Us 
(Yes, we're actually on a Map!)

West Bend, Iowa!  Population... around 785... the wide open spaces of fields of green & gold sprinkled with farm houses throughout the countryside.

We welcome your visit to our farm after joining our Wait List.(By Appointment only).

The two closest Major Airports are Des Moines (DSM) and Minneapolis (MSP); both are a 2.5 - 3 hour drive from us.

If an in-person visit isn't feasible - contact us to connect through Zoom to choose your pup. 

Adopt a Puppy

A Puppy Application and $300 deposit will place you on our Puppy Wait List.  Deposits are non-refundable but always transferable to another litter.   This means you can pass your turn for any reason (timing, color, gender preference, etc.) 

Our Cavapoos generally will be between 15-23 lb. These pups are $2800. We look forward to offering toy Cavapoos in 2023; expected to be 7-15lb.  and their adoption fee is $3500.  Your deposit does apply towards your total fee.


contact us


Submit this Contact Us form to join our Email List to be notified when our Puppy Wait List is open.  

**We plan to open our Reservation (Wait List) in late summer for our fall 2024 litters!

Questions? Call us! 515-360-3217

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We take our guarantee very seriously.  It is so important to us that each puppy is healthy and becomes a wonderful new family member.  This is why we offer a 2 Year replacement guarantee against major debilitating genetic defects.  Just like in humans, things can and do happen, so we're here to back our pups up.  We feel confident in the health and wellness of our dogs - and this is our way of passing that assurance on to you!  To read our full replacement guarantee, please click below.

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