Julia's Cavapoo Puppies

born 9/26/20

We love the gorgeous markings on this litter of 4 brothers!  At 6 weeks, their playful, curious side has really started to shine.  They are enjoying their puppy kibble, experiencing new toys, puppy (and human) playtime... and plenty of naps!

8 weeks


Reserved for the Van Cleve family

5 gorgeous apricot puppies: 2 boys and 3 girls! 

Projected full grown weight: 12-20 pounds

(birth weight and current weight trends are not guarantees of how big they'll grow)

Ready to go home: March 19-20 or March 26-27




Reserved for the Morgan family


Reserved for the Christoffels family


Reserved for Breana

7 week video

5 week video

4 week video

     Newborn puppy stage...  So so sweet!

Julia + Roscoe

our parents

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